About the University of Abuja

Learning in the 21st century is a function of a well defined educational system and the implementation of a perfect thinking process

The University

Brief History

The University took off from a temporary site, made up of three blocks of building meant for a primary school in Gwagwalada, tagged the “mini – campus”. Academic activities started on the mini – campus in 1990. In the same year, the University was allocated an expanse of land covering over 11,800 hectares along the Abuja – Abuja road for the development of its main campus.

ITMS - Main Campus

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Convocation ground: Mini Campus

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Main Campus

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Convocation ground: Main Campus

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The University of Abuja, Gwagwalada mini-campus is the first campus in the university to be established at take-off time. Though the university is gradually relocating to the permanent site, up till this day, the campus still hosts two female hostels and a boys’ hostel all accommodating close to three thousand students. Among the landmarks in the campus includes the Senate Chamber, the Science Laboratories, Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Remedial Studies and the Institute of Education. The university Medical Centre which has been equipped with modern medical facilities and high profile personnel cannot be ignored. The campus hosts a number of recreational facilities including an Olympic size football field, a volleyball pitch and a long-tennis court.

Our Location

The University Main Campus, Along Airport Road Adjacent to University Printing Press, Main Campus.

Our Vision

The Institute’s vision is to be a high rate global centre for manpower and skills development for enduring peace, quality leadership and sustainable development.

Our Mission

The objectives of the institute are as follows:

  • To strengthen the manpower base of institutions and relevant organizations through training, research and advocacy.
  • To undertake short term capacity building programmes for relevant organizations as may be applicable.
  • To offer executive training programmes in peace, leadership and development studies;
  • To provide an intellectual platform for peace, leadership and developmental discourse, dissemination of ideas and research finding so as to generate critical thoughts and practical approaches to issues of policy and practice through public lectures, seminars and conferences; and
  • To collaborate with relevant institutions at the national and international levels on activities to foster peace, good leadership and sustainable development.
  • To undertake research and documentation